Wrapping Up

Fall semester is quickly coming to a close! I wanted to share with you my latest assignment for my Advanced Illustration class. In my class all of our assignments this semester have been self directed. Basically, we propose an assignment, talk about why we want to do it, what strengths and weaknesses we want to work on, and how we think the piece will apply to our portfolio or ideal market.  Since I have done mostly editorial work this semester, I wanted to try something different that greatly appeals to me. I decided to create an illustrated map and info graphic of Yellowstone National Park. I wanted to create something representative but with a lot of character, while still remaining navigable.  I was able to combine my love of nature, sketch work, and design and it was a blast.  For my first attempt at something like this, I’m happy with the way it turned out. I can’t wait to explore and experiment with more maps in the future!

yellowstone map_fin2_SMALL yd_crop8   YS_Crop4 YS_Crop6   YS_Crop7

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