Literally Red Riding Hood

Literally everybody in the universe has played around with the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. And why shouldn’t they have? It’s a tale TEEMING with iconic imagery and an awesome violent ending to boot.

So I thought I’d try my hand at it. Let’s be real: if you came across a big talking wolf, you’d slither your way into a wild pact with… Read more »

Children’s Book Progress

  For my senior thesis, I have been developing a 32-page children’s book that (if everything goes as planned, fingers crossed) I’ll have completed by the Senior Show.  While I don’t wish to display any of the full illustrations, here is a preview of my latest piece!  The Muesli family casually enjoys lunch in the library. – Brenna Thummler

Ghost Resort

Ghost Resort – full illustration detail 1: the bar detail 2: the kid zone detail 3: the pool detail 4: spa and sauna   For my most recent self-directed illustration project, I created a piece called Ghost Resort.  It was an attempt to break from my more realistic reference-heavy narrative illustrations and instead create a whimsical, more “stylistic” environment.  I love Wimmelbild illustrations and crowd scenes, and… Read more »

Personal Illustration – Clowns need Smiles Too

Continuing with my want to experiment, I went again for something more “light and blunt” and wound up doodling sad clowns and bright balloons. There is nothing more fun than clowns but there is nothing scarier than playing with vibrant colors because – personally – it makes you wonder where the heck the emphasis should be placed and how to make it work, especially when you have been working with dark… Read more »


  Here is a recent piece I finished relatively quickly for a fashion related assignment and intend to use a postcard, as well. Apparently I’ve been fascinated with old trains lately (though I’ve always been fascinated by 1940s fashion.)   For a better view of this piece and to see more of my work, check out my website at or Behance    

Self-directed portfolio Illustration

    Did a bit of a piece for the sake of good old experimentation, placing the world of whimsy into the world we all know as modern reality; all while pertaining to the familiar style I work with, what with the pencils and the few exaggerated features. More of a character illustrator, this work was a way for me to broaden my horizons and go for some atmosphere in a big environment… Read more »

Book Cover Redesign

Here is my most recent piece for Illustration class.  As the assignment was “open”, I decided to redesign the cover of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.  I had previously worked in a similar pen and ink style (inspired by Franklin Booth) and wanted to dip my hands into it again.  Most of my illustration is figure-heavy, so I wanted to try something new and focus mostly on environment.