Creative Manifesto

I’ve been reading a lot of art magazines lately and UPPERCASE has really caught my attention.  Luckily, the Ringling Library has a good collection of back issues – and the current one, too.

Issue 20 centered around the theme of “making” – making things happen, making things you like, making progress…etc.

In a roundabout way – the question of “What gets you making?” or “What helps you be creative?” was posed with the ultimate goal of inspiring readers and subscribers to share their own Creative Manifesto.  The magazine is currently accepting submissions and will feature some of the accepted work in the next issue or online.  If you’re interested in submitting, you can do so here.  (Even if you don’t want to design or submit your manifesto – it might be fun to think about yours might be.  What gets you creating?)

I instantly loved this idea and knew I had to give it a shot.  Of course, first I had to write my Creative Manifesto.  After a good deal of note taking, brain storming, and editing – I came up with the following:

Confidence is key.  Energy is just a playlist. And labor is love.

At the end of the day – you’ve got be totally confident in your mark making, balance your energy with different music, and pour all of your passion into what you’re creating.  To me, that’s the ultimate goal and when all of those things line up I can crank out work that looks great.

Here’s the final image, some crops, and some process work for my entry.




creative_manifesto_flat_web_crop1 copy


To see more of my lettering and design work, find me here.


Livy Long

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