For my most recent project, I really wanted to do a book illustration. I chose The Great Gatsby. I had a lot of fun working on this piece. It had a lot of hard problems to solve, but I am pleased with the overall outcome. -Taylor  

Self-directed Travel Pieces and Editorial

The illustration I posted last week about Amsterdam got me in the mood to draw more European imagery and travel related illustrations. I decided to experiment with using flat shapes of color as a background to some of the cities’ more recognizable elements.   I also worked on an editorial assignment about Urban Farming in big cities. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my pattern designs into an illustration,… Read more »

Ghost Resort

Ghost Resort – full illustration detail 1: the bar detail 2: the kid zone detail 3: the pool detail 4: spa and sauna   For my most recent self-directed illustration project, I created a piece called Ghost Resort.  It was an attempt to break from my more realistic reference-heavy narrative illustrations and instead create a whimsical, more “stylistic” environment.  I love Wimmelbild illustrations and crowd scenes, and… Read more »

Personal Illustration – Clowns need Smiles Too

Continuing with my want to experiment, I went again for something more “light and blunt” and wound up doodling sad clowns and bright balloons. There is nothing more fun than clowns but there is nothing scarier than playing with vibrant colors because – personally – it makes you wonder where the heck the emphasis should be placed and how to make it work, especially when you have been working with dark… Read more »

Children’s Book in Development

To pursue my goal of becoming a children’s book writer/illustrator, I am in the process of developing a children’s book for my senior thesis.  It’s a very long and demanding process, but I’ve already learned so much having completed the text and storyboard.  I have thus advanced to the “line work” stage and plan to finish all drawings before moving on to color.  Here is a small preview of one of my latest pieces (I… Read more »

Illest of Illustration and Projects

After some login difficulties, I’m finally able to post! This past week I was very involved organizing the Illest of Illustration event on the Ringling College campus. Along with a group of peers, we set up the gallery show and hosted demo’s and talks by the guest judges Rebecca Mock and Victo Ngai. It was great to meet and hang out with them both, and they left the student body with some inspirational advice. Two… Read more »


Hi Friends! This past Friday we had Illest of Ill. I’m proud to say I came in second place! I had two pieces entered, and this was the piece that won. It was a traditional pen and ink piece colored with photoshop. In this piece I really wanted to just draw from life. That was the goal. It’s titled “Flora.”   -Taylor


  Here is a recent piece I finished relatively quickly for a fashion related assignment and intend to use a postcard, as well. Apparently I’ve been fascinated with old trains lately (though I’ve always been fascinated by 1940s fashion.)   For a better view of this piece and to see more of my work, check out my website at or Behance    

Self-directed portfolio Illustration

    Did a bit of a piece for the sake of good old experimentation, placing the world of whimsy into the world we all know as modern reality; all while pertaining to the familiar style I work with, what with the pencils and the few exaggerated features. More of a character illustrator, this work was a way for me to broaden my horizons and go for some atmosphere in a big environment… Read more »

Self-Directed Fashion Illustrations

I’ve always been interested in fashion illustration. So for my most recent self-direct project thats what I chose to work on. I looked at the works of Ikenaga Yasunari who really inspired this project. I loved his use of pattern to create movement and space and his color schemes are very different from what I normally do. I learned a lot from this project. Mostly how to shoot reference and push myself when it comes… Read more »