Megan Fisher

Megan Fisher is a simple person on a never-ending quest to pet every dog in the world. In her spare time from this mission, she is completing her degree in Illustration at the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. Through her trials and tribulations here she has found her love for visual development, character, and costume design. She is inspired by colorful works of art from any generation, along with concepts such as patterning, delicious food, 70s mod fashions and retro-futurism. Megan is fascinated with the shape language and appeal of animated characters, and hopes to create her own tv show someday.

Because she grew up on non-stop marathons of cartoons, showing her sense of humor through the work she creates is something very important to Megan. There is no greater love of hers than making people laugh through her art, and aspires to do it professionally.


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