Personal Illustration – Clowns need Smiles Too

A Clown needs some Smiling

Continuing with my want to experiment, I went again for something more “light and blunt” and wound up doodling sad clowns and bright balloons. There is nothing more fun than clowns but there is nothing scarier than playing with vibrant colors because – personally – it makes you wonder where the heck the emphasis should be placed and how to make it work, especially when you have been working with dark grim palettes for most of your works. But that is what made the challenge all the more fun and crazy.

I tried to also go for more of an “obviously drawn” feel, such as keeping the sketchiness and flatness in many areas of the piece.

Dang, this was a blast. It’s always a treat to try a few new things.


A Clown needs some Smiling 1

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