Wrapping Up

Fall semester is quickly coming to a close! I wanted to share with you my latest assignment for my Advanced Illustration class. In my class all of our assignments this semester have been self directed. Basically, we propose an assignment, talk about why we want to do it, what strengths and weaknesses we want to work on, and how we think the piece will apply to our portfolio or ideal market.  Since I have done… Read more »

Wedding Invite Illustration and Design

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing outside of school assigned work recently.  My good friends Keith and Lisa commissioned me to create their wedding invite, save the date, and RSVP.  I had never done anything like this before, but I was really excited to create something special for people who are really important to me! They gave me a lot of creative freedom, but I stuck with a muted palette and… Read more »

Self Portrait

The self portrait can sometimes be the most challenging piece to create as an artist. We are constantly growing, changing, and evolving our body of work- so, is the goal to portray ourselves in a way that will bridge stylistic gaps? Or do we illustrate ourselves like a snapshot of a specific style or color scheme that we’ve been using most recently?… Read more »

Self-Directed Environmental Illustration

I enjoy doing editorial work, but I sometimes struggle to find a way to incorporate my love of flora and fauna into a piece that really says something.  The sudden and alarming decline of honey bees in the recent years presented a perfect opportunity to create a visual discussion about something that I feel is important and often overlooked, while still being able to draw the subject matter that appeals… Read more »