End of semester updates

The end of the semester at Ringling is approaching quickly, and alongside working on the Meanwhile comic, I’ve been finishing up projects as well as doing research for my thesis portfolio next semester. I recently finished an informative illustration about camping, as well as focusing on some typography and more pattern designs. I’m constructing a new design section on my website that I intend to put online soon, focusing on hand lettering as well as… Read more »

Self-directed Travel Pieces and Editorial

The illustration I posted last week about Amsterdam got me in the mood to draw more European imagery and travel related illustrations. I decided to experiment with using flat shapes of color as a background to some of the cities’ more recognizable elements.   I also worked on an editorial assignment about Urban Farming in big cities. I wanted to find a way to incorporate my pattern designs into an illustration,… Read more »

Illest of Illustration and Projects

After some login difficulties, I’m finally able to post! This past week I was very involved organizing the Illest of Illustration event on the Ringling College campus. Along with a group of peers, we set up the gallery show and hosted demo’s and talks by the guest judges Rebecca Mock and Victo Ngai. It was great to meet and hang out with them both, and they left the student body with some inspirational advice. Two… Read more »