Self-directed portfolio Illustration

    Did a bit of a piece for the sake of good old experimentation, placing the world of whimsy into the world we all know as modern reality; all while pertaining to the familiar style I work with, what with the pencils and the few exaggerated features. More of a character illustrator, this work was a way for me to broaden my horizons and go for some atmosphere in a big environment… Read more »

Self-Directed Fashion Illustrations

I’ve always been interested in fashion illustration. So for my most recent self-direct project thats what I chose to work on. I looked at the works of Ikenaga Yasunari who really inspired this project. I loved his use of pattern to create movement and space and his color schemes are very different from what I normally do. I learned a lot from this project. Mostly how to shoot reference and push myself when it comes… Read more »

Self-Directed Environmental Illustration

I enjoy doing editorial work, but I sometimes struggle to find a way to incorporate my love of flora and fauna into a piece that really says something.  The sudden and alarming decline of honey bees in the recent years presented a perfect opportunity to create a visual discussion about something that I feel is important and often overlooked, while still being able to draw the subject matter that appeals… Read more »

Chinese Marketplace


Latest illustration assignment for my Advanced Illustration class. The article we were given was about the obesity of younger children in China, and the overtaking of fast food places in their everyday lives. This is the first piece I’ve made in a long time to incorporate line, and it was a lot of fun and gave me many opportunities to add background details! Below are some close-ups from the piece.

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Book Cover Redesign

Here is my most recent piece for Illustration class.  As the assignment was “open”, I decided to redesign the cover of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.  I had previously worked in a similar pen and ink style (inspired by Franklin Booth) and wanted to dip my hands into it again.  Most of my illustration is figure-heavy, so I wanted to try something new and focus mostly on environment.